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Our Facility

Our Facilities

Digital Library

Our digital library has an extensive collection of resources such as books, magazines, encyclopedias etc., in an electronic format. These resources help the student to access information on a wide range of topics and thereby enhances their search of data.

Computer Lab

Our Computer lab is modernized and on par with international standards with 24hrs WI-FI connectivity.

Science Laboratory

We have specialized Science Laboratories exclusively for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern equipment for an enhanced practical learning experience


Mobile App for better communication between Teachers and Parents Mobile app that help schools, teachers, parents and students work smart. I'm a Teacher Student learning and help differentiate teaching to address student needs.


In today world, security is an increasing priority for schools. There are real and potential treats for students, teachers and material assets. CCTV has become increasingly popular for schools and education facilities.


School believes in imparting good health and physical fitness to students and has ample facilities for sports.Total area of the playground is 30 X 100 meters and the games that can be played on the available play ground are Basket.


An access control system, CCTV, and patrol guards are used and will be evaluated regularly to ensure security around the school 24/7 a day.


The school has a well-equipped library that is wide, designed with modern style and elegance. It has standard literature for reading and reference.


Students are provided with a transportation service as a convenience. Parents must register their children in school transportation services by filling out an application.