1. Honesty, punctuality and humility are to be maintained.
2. Students must come only in full set of uniform in clean, neat, official school uniform.
3. ID card and lanyard are to worn at all time. Shirts are to be tucked in at all time.
4. Hair for female students is to be tied at all time if the length of the hair is below the shoulder length. Black coloured hair band or clip is required if the hair is not neat.
5. Students must be in the school compound at least 10 minutes before the commencement.
6. Students must keep the campus clean at all time.
7. Student’s discipline must be maintained. Un-disciplinary activities are to be viewed severely.
8. Student is responsible on any school property that has been destroyed or spoiled by the student. Upon thorough investigation and when proof is obtained, if the student is found responsible, the parents of the respective student has to pay the school the compensation as per the notice displayed in each class.
9. Students must show due respect to all the teaching, non-teaching staffs and fellow friends in the campus at all time.
10. Students must converse only in English within the campus. English should be spoken in the school premises. Parents are requested to encourage their children to speak in English, to read English magazines, books and newspapers to gain confidence.
11. Parents should pay the fees in time. Failure to do so will result in rules and regulations based on fees structure to apply automatically.
12. Parents must attend the Parent-Teacher’s meet to update the progress of the students.
13. Leave will not be granted without any prior written permission and written approval from the Principal.
14. Students must maintain silence during the school hours.
15. Parents are instructed to make prior appointment with Principal for any clarification and enquiries respectively on Wednesday and/or Saturday to avoid the disturbance of the class flow.
16. Every pupil must have the school Almanac and it must be brought to school daily. Homework/assignments should be noted down in the handbook.
17. Students are expected to take part in all extracurricular activities of the school. No one will be excused without prior permission from the authorities.
18. As for celebration of birthday for student. cake Cutting ceremony can only be done during lunch break, from 12.00 pm. To 12.45 p.m. Cakes or snacks must be sent to the management office prior to celebration.. Parents cannot go direct to the classroom / canteen to celebrate with the children. Prior approval must be obtain from the Principal for the parents to join in the cake cutting session.
19. Students shall not indulge in any political or communal activity which is detrimental to the law and order and / or against the government. Students shall not carry propaganda or publicity of any nature whatsoever in respect of anything or any matter including political or communal matters
20. Students shall get written permission from the school management / Principal before giving any information or interview regarding hostel to any member f the press, radio, television or any other media or before making any speech containing any information regarding the Hostel / School.
21. Ragging in any form is banned. It is a cognizable offence and violation will invite action as per law of Vikas International School. Being silent spectator and not reporting / stopping others indulging in ragging is also an offence and will invite similar disciplinary action. Accepting / undergoing ragging and not reporting is also an offence. Please report any incident immediately to any teachers / Head of Warden / Principal.


1. Students are strictly forbidden from bringing electronic gadgets and objectionable books into the school. Students are advised not to bring any valuable articles or wear jewellery.
2. Irregular attendance, disinterest in studies, disobedience to teachers, malpractice, misbehaviour are sufficient reasons for punishment and even suspension or dismissal from school


1. Parents/guardians are requested not to meet their children or interview the teachers during the class hours. Prior appointment can be made with the office management for any meet up.
2. A record of addresses of the parents/guardians is maintained in the school office. Any change of address or phone number should be communicated without delay.
3. Students are responsible for the custody of their books and belongings.


1. Perfect silence should be maintained in the class rooms and assembly hall.
2. During working hours, students proceeding from one classroom to any other class shall observe perfect silence and discipline.
3. Food is not allowed in the class.
4. Students are responsible on any school property that have been destroyed or spoilt by the student. Upon thorough investigation and after proof is obtained, if the student is found responsible, the parents of the respective student have to pay the school the compensate as per the notice displayed in each class if the student is found responsible.
5. Students must ensure all tables and chairs are neat and in straight line at all the time.
6. All drawers must be clean from any personal belongings if the examination is to be conducted. Drawers are not allowed to be pulled from its present set of table to avoid confusion of pairing.
7. All books are to be placed neatly at the book shelves.
8. Notice boards are to be updated constantly and all obsolete notices are to be discarded.


1. Format of the leave letter is printed in the handbook. Parents are requested to use
2. Leave should be applied in advance by mode of writing – three days before the date of leave, except for medical reasons.
3. No resit of examination is conducted on medical grounds.
4. Students should not possess large amount of money.
5. Promotion is based on continuous assessment of the students throughout the year.


1. All-round cooperation of the parents and guardians is requested so that their children may get the best of our school.
2. Parents requested to go through the school Almanac carefully and go through it every day, noting the homework important notice and other information given by the school authorities / teachers.
3. Parents- Teachers teamwork finds a special place by evincing keen interest in the overall development of the children. All the parents are requested to attend the meeting when it is held.
4. Moral support for all school projects, activities and all extracurricular activities of the school must be positive.
5. All school fees are to be paid on time and any student who is found with arrears in payment for more than two months may not get the Examination Hall ticket in order to sit for examination. All outstanding / arrears of school fees are to be settled on the same academic year.


All students must strictly obey the official dress code as per the following guidelines :
Skirts: Above the Knee Length and Grey
Vest: Grey Short Pointed with school badge on the left
Tie: Grey with School Emblem
Blouse: Bluish Grey short or long sleeve (tucked in at all time)
Sweater: Black Cardigan – when needed
Socks: Black
Shoes: Black Canvas Shoes
Hi jab: Black plain lycra with awning on top. Long scarf is not allowed
Hair : Above shoulder length – to be tight neatly. Colouring or dyeing of the hair is totally not allowed. Black hair pin / hair band is required if the hair is messy

Trousers: Long grey
Shirt: Bluish grey short or long sleeve (tucked in at all time)
Vest: Grey Short pointed with school badge on the left
Tie: Grey with school emblem
Sweater: Black cardigan – when needed
Socks: Black
Shoes: Black shoes
Hair: Short and neat. Dyeing hair is totally not allowed
Trousers: School navy / black sweatpants
Shirt: School house t-Shirt
Shoes: Black canvas shoe